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Our Loose-leaf Teas are made from organically grown herbs, naturally decaf, and can be added to black or green tea. Our fresh herbs make a great cup of hot or cold tea, and our selection includes several varieties. Get a 1/4 pint of Loose-leaf Tea and it includes a free reusable tea bag. Enjoy the freshness and flavor of our Loose-leaf Teas!


Immunity Boost: Calendula, Peppermint, Elderberry

Night Time: Chamomile, Calendula

Female Health: Calendula, Peppermint, Ginger

Mint Blast: Peppermint, Spearmint


Add 1tsp to 1T (Depending on how strong you'd like it) of the loose leaf to a reusable tea bag. Steep for 5-10 min in hot water, then enjoy.



Loose-leaf Teas

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