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Our pepper plants are the perfect choice for your home garden. Grown on our farm and carefully tended to, these pepper plants are ready to produce for you. We take pride in providing high-quality seedlings that give customers a high yield when planted and harvested properly. Our pepper seedlings come from vibrant seeds and make peppers that are full of flavor and nutrition. With a range of flavors from sweet-tangy to hot-spicy, you can find the perfect match for any recipe! All plants are hardened off and ready to plant in season.


Giant Bell: an extremely large bell pepper variety that was developed for its huge size. This lovely giant has now been grown for a good many years and is widely adaptable to an assortment of climates. This great pepper variety produces a large number of large, four-inch bell peppers with very thick walls. When immature, the Giant Bell Pepper is a lovely jade green and then ripens to a brilliant scarlet red. Due to its huge size and thick walls, this bell pepper variety is ideal for creating stuffed bell peppers.


Sweet Banana: Sweet banana for pickling or fresh eating. Long, thick-walled, smooth fruits are borne on large plants. Avg. 8-9" long, the fruits are mild when yellow and moderately sweet when they ripen red. Best for pickling due to their mild flavor. Widely adapted. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3.


Olympus: Large flavorful bell peppers. Widely adapted, Olympus has performed well in both the South as well as warmer regions in the North. Medium size plants with good leaf cover. High-yielding, uniform fruit with good flavor. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1–3, 7, 8.


Gourmet: Bright orange fruits. Medium-large blocky fruits have thick walls and are very sweet and flavorful. Widely adapted and performs well under a wide variety of conditions. Strong compact plants have a high yield potential. High resistance to tobacco mosaic virus.

Pepper Plant

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