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Dried peppermint is a flavorful and versatile herb perfect for teas, medicinal applications, baking, and other creative endeavors. Our dried peppermint is ultra-fresh - it's harvested and quickly dried to lock in flavor, aroma, and texture. With just one ounce of this powerful herb you can stock your pantry with ultimate refreshment!

When brewing tea, peppermint provides a cooling sensation that perfectly offsets acidic ingredients like lemons and limes. This makes it great for blends or infusions to fit your own specific tastes. Plus, because of the high levels of menthol in peppermint, decoctions made with dried peppermint are said to provide cough relief when consumed hot.

For culinary purposes such as baking recipes like cakes or muffins, just one ounce of our quality dried peppermint goes a long way! Not only will it bring an amazing aroma to your final product but the refreshing taste will make any recipe stand out from the rest. Use this herb where mint extract is called for to get an extra boost of flavor. 

Our dried peppermint also has medicinal uses - some say it helps aid digestion issues while others swear by its calming effects on headaches or nausea. The options are endless with just one ounce of this natural wonder!

Peppermint - Dried ~0.75oz

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