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Our Rabbit Manure is cold manure, making it great for your gardens! Simply soak 1/4 cup of Rabbit Manure in 1 gallon of water and then water your plants as normal. This manure has the highest NPK rating of most manures available, making it a great choice for your garden. Our Rabbit Manure is available in 1lb bags, 5-gallon buckets*, or 40lb feed sacks*. Get your garden looking its best with Rabbit Manure


Learn more about the benefits of Rabbit Manure HERE.





*Bucket not included, a 5-gallon bucket will be used to measure, and manure will be delivered in a bag. "40lb Feed Sack" is the size of the bag, not the weight of the manure, and does NOT hold 40 lbs of manure.

Rabbit Manure

PriceFrom $5.00
Sales Tax Included
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