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Introducing our Tomato Plants– the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space!  Our tomato plant is grown with love and care on our very own farm, using sustainable practices that protect and nurture the environment. It’s perfectly developed and ready to produce for you!


Celebrity: All-purpose variety with superb flavor, disease resistance, and heavy yield on determinate plants. Crack-resistant fruits average 7 oz.


Cherokee Purple: Unusual variety with full flavor. Famously rich flavor and texture make this a colorful favorite among heirloom enthusiasts. Medium-large, flattened globe, 8-12 oz. fruits. The color is dusky pink with dark shoulders. Multilocular interior ranges from purple to brown to green. Relatively short vines. Indeterminate.  


Roma: Heirloom. The classic sauce and paste tomato. Compact plants produce paste-type tomatoes resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts. Use fruits to make sauce, paste, and more homemade delights. Meaty interiors and a few seeds.


Cherry: Tomatoes bursting with sweetness, light, and a tingly-tangy ‘pop’. Here they come: cascading, jewel-like clusters of delectable ruby-red cherries. Tomatoes bursting with sweetness, light, and a tingly-tangy ‘pop’! ‘Cherry Baby’s super productive plants soon mass with dense clusters of up to 350 sweet 1 oz. cuties. In a large container or the garden, these tomatoes place a healthy snack within arm’s reach. Indeterminate.

Tomato Plant

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