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Introducing the Goldfinch Squash Plant! This East Tennessee garden variety is perfect for producing delicious yellow squash with ease and convenience. Grown right here on our farm, we take great care to ensure their optimal health and quality by using home-mixed soil, compost, and rabbit manure. What’s more, with an open habit and medium spines, the Goldfinch Squash Plant offers excellent early yields that are easy to harvest! As an added bonus, its upright growth also makes it ideal for container gardening. So if you're a gardener who is looking to grow your own food but doesn't have much space or time to spare, then this is the squash variety for you! 


Convenient open habit. Excellent early, steady yields of beautiful, tender yellow squash perched on a long central stem. The wide-open plant habit and medium spines make for easier harvests. The upright growth lends itself well to container growing.

Squash Plant - Goldfinch

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Available Early May
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