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Are you looking to add something new and delicious to your garden this year? The Starlight Watermelon plant is a must-have for any discerning gardener. Grown on our farm using home-mixed soil, compost, and rabbit manure, this resilient East Tennessee watermelon plant is sure to produce amazing results. With its 8” round shape and deep green hue with contrasting black stripes, this “icebox” style watermelon looks as good as it tastes. The sweet red flesh will satisfy even the toughest critics in taste tests, averaging around 10 – 12 pounds per fruit. Expect 1-2 fruits per plant — enough for everyone in the family to get their fill of delightful Starlight Watermelons grown right in their own backyard! Don't miss out on growing your own delicious produce, order your Starlight Watermelon plant today!

Watermelon Plant - Starlight

Sales Tax Included
Available Early May
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